Thoughts on Design.

I’m losing faith in the design of my website. It looks dated. I’m not really sure what to do with it other then give it an overhaul. But that requires coming up with a new look and feel. It requires implementing that. But muh effort, Muh time constraints and other such excuses of the weak willed.

I’m going to learn about design.

Rather then just minimally modifying a template, I’m going to look at every piece of this website and give it some love and attention. It’s been quite neglected.

I want to focus on creating something that is minimal, contemporary and clean. I like white space, I like strong borders and well defined blocks of content. Turning that into an actual design will be interesting! Until I know more about what I want to achieve and how to get there, I might have to be content with making a few structural changes and a few CSS tweaks here and there.

Project Updates are important.

I need to go through the groups within my site and update them in terms of content as well as design. I’ve done a bit of work, had a bit of a play with different technologies, as well as submitting some interesting university assignments. I need to throw that work up on to the projects section so it can be consumed!

My skills and Experiences have also changed.. slightly

I should update that section to reflect the work I’ve been doing recently at Spark Ventures around continuous integration and deployments. It’s technically interesting, requires technical nouse, involves communicating with dev teams, creating and changing work flows and managing the expectations of the product teams, development teams and bigger fish higher up in the Spark Ventures food chain. It’s been fun.

With the publication of this post, I’ve changed the font from Junction Regular to San Francisco - because I love the OS X El Capitan font that much.

What a difference that makes: Junction vs San Francisco