On Friday 30th September, a colleague and I spoke at Devops Days 2016 in Wellington.

It was an awesome experience, and the first time I’ve spoken on technical and non-technical topics at an industry conference.

The talk I gave is available on Speakerdeck. I’ve also embedded it below:

I think that the one thing that I took away from Devops Days NZ 2016 was this.

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in your own problems in this industry. It’s very easy to feel like your problems are unique, new or otherwise unreproducible. Unless you’re Google, Netflix or of that ilk, this is very unlikely. You and I, we’re not so different. Maybe it’s health, maybe it’s media, maybe it’s any other industry. We’re all going through the same things, at different times. It’s important that we continue to work through these diverse issues as best we can, while knowing that someone out there has felt, is now feeling or will feel your pain.

You are not alone!

In the spirit of DevOps and all the baggage that that word contains and frees us from, let’s keep helping each other, let’s keep sharing, we’re a community of like minded people.