This now constitutes v3.0 of my personal website and sounding board. It’s been a long journey from some bloated and slow bootstrap template that I picked up and cannibalised, to a bespoke website written in Pure CSS with a Wordpress Blog component - to the current (as at 25 Aug 15) iteration. Currently the site is hosted off github pages. It’s Jekyll with Foundation 5 at the core, I’m using markdown and liquid to handle blog posts.

Gulp is what I’m using for builds, the output of gulp’s build process is piped into a folder that I’ve set up as a nested github profile. BrowserSync handles all of my testing and content iteration, it’s amazing. To get a post onto the live site or make some other change, all I have to do it write it up, check it looks right using BrowserSync and then git commit -am "Of course with a sweet commit message" from my prod folder. Yes there are extra steps that I’ve introduced, but that allows me to make big changes with multiple commits, iterate and push to test as much as I like, without the risk of omnishambling my live site. It’s pretty cool.

Technical things aside, my boy Toby is nearly 5 months old. Time flies. I’m working full time at Ventures, it’s awesome. Super glad that I did the Summer of Tech programme when I did, else I’d still be working at the liquor store. That would be a grim existence indeed.

I am technically still at Uni. The longer I work in the tech industry though, the less relevant Uni becomes and thus the more difficult it becomes to stay engaged in my studies - especially when still no course I’ve done past CS111G has actually been useful for work. It’s maddening.

It could be a lot worse though, my amazing son and beautiful wife are keeping me honest, in an industry I love. First World Problems indeed