We started Overtime last year bemoaning the lack of social eSports being played in New Zealand, not fully understanding the reason behind that absence. Well, now we do. It’s really hard to do it properly. It takes a bunch of time, coordination, and passion.

Fortunately we still have the passion, but unfortunately, our time has dried up.

We won’t be running Season 2 this year. Instead, Troy and I will be spinning off the software we wrote to manage the first season, and working on that to the point where it’s a viable product in and of itself. Our new tournament as a service will be called BattleStack - and we’re very excited to be working on it.

The Team would like to thank everyone who had input into Season 1, and our pre-season. Thank you to our sponsors, our game admins and the teams, you, our players. In particular, we want to thank the great folk at Bigpipe and Playtech. Without your support, our LAN Final would never have happened. Your support is what made it all work.

Thank you.

The awesomeness that was Season 1 is a perfect example of what all you likeminded people can do when you come together. We aim to make that ‘coming together’ scale.

So long and thanks for all the fish.