I have been offline for a long long time.

Here’s the situation.

Last Friday, my wife Laura and I found out she is 34 weeks pregnant with a potentially life threatening complication, forcing her to remain in Hospital.

We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of our family and friends, we are truly grateful for all the love and support we have received thus far.

I have been meaning to write up all my notes and use this blog for revision. I still intend to do that. I have been attending lectures but unfortunately am so time poor apart from that, that I have loads of text files that need formatting, media added and additional detail before I can upload them here. I still intend to do that, but it will take time I don’t have now. Hopefully I can fully catch up during the mid semester break.

I’ve made notes on my github projects reflecting the current status of the projects. Hopefully I can get back to them at some stage. Funnily enough there is a lot of work preparing to have a first child with three weeks notice. Again, once things settle down I hope to get back to those projects.

I want to thank everybody who reads this. I’ve had a pretty steady amount of visitors, almost 600 per month for the past months. It means a lot to me that people are reading, and hopefully enjoying what I have written, even if my original intention was to use this solely for revision purposes.

I will attempt to post whenever I can, time and content permitting.